Why African and Caribbean Micro and Small Businesses?

African and Caribbean businesses are among the under-served communities in the United Kingdom. This is partly because policy interventions are not always driven by adequate knowledge of the unique characteristics and peculiarities of this business community. In effect, the UK economy has not benefited nearly as much from the potential contributions of this community, and what they can offer especially in the Post-Covid-19, Post-Brexit recovery and growth strategy. This includes the unique positioning of these businesses to provide strategic links between the UK economy and their home countries. In response to these opportunity gaps, this project, funded by the Faculty of Business and Law, De Montfort University under the Higher Education Innovation fund scheme, aims to provide a platform for networking, training and support for African and Caribbean businesses. In this phase, we focus on the Midlands where a sizeable number of these businesses are operating. Thus, we aim to:
Provide a dynamic platform for networking and co-creation among African and Caribbean micro and small business owners to exchange knowledge, share information and expand their network portfolio to access new opportunities and improve their competitiveness.
Provide training workshops focusing on key strategic themes such as e-commerce, digital marketing, and innovative strategies for resource mobilisation, value creation, and value capture
Support businesses with key information aggregated from various sources about government programmes, financing, digital tools, and market information to help them grow their businesses. 
Once you register via the registration link, we will be able to enlist you into the training workshops series. You will also be able to access additional resources from the website, as well as link interact with other participants and entrepreneurs for knowledge exchange and potential collaboration and partnerships.

Contact us

For any inquiry about the REBOUND project and events, please contact us via the followings:
REBOUND Project, Centre for Enterprise and Innovation, Faculty of Business and Law De Montfort University The Gateway Leicester, LE1 9BH